A trade mark in laymans language is a visual symbol which may be a word signature, name, device, label, numerals or combination of colours used by one undertaking on goods or services or other articles.

Registration & Renewals

Managing a portfolio of international trademarks is essential, however it can prove to be a time consuming and highly administrative task.


Being aware of potentially relevant or damaging intelligence on what your competitors are doing is vitally important.

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Introduction to Trademark:

A trade mark (Popularly known as Brand name) in layman’s language is a recognizable symbol which may be a Word, Sign, Name, Device, Label, Numeral or combination of colours identifying the goods of a particular source from those of others. In case of services it is referred to as Service marks.
Trademarks influence consumer decisions every day. A strong trade mark creates an identity, builds trust, distinguishes you from the competition, and makes communication between seller and buyer simpler.

Registration & Renewals:

Managing a portfolio of InternationalTtrademarks is essential, however it can prove to be a time consuming and highly administrative task.                         .
Our team of Specialists can handle all of your Trademark Renewals including all Documentary and Formality Requirements.                      .
A Trademark once Registered remains valid for a period of Ten Years. The Registration needs to be renewed every 10 years in order for it to remain valid.


Being aware of potentially relevant or damaging intelligence on what your competitors are doing is vitally important. We undertake Trademark Searches which can help alert you to another company’s rights as well as preventing possible infringements.
Searches will also discover at an early stage your competitors Trademark Applications, giving you an advantage on deciding whether a new mark can be protected or not.
The searches conducted include opinions on both registrability and availability and in many cases; the results are relayed using business friendly tools such as indication of risks in
percentage with recognition of key risk areas or threats. The Searches thus follow a mix use of Legal Knowledge, Trade Specific Knowledge and Practical Considerations.

Opposition & Rectification:

Trademark Opposition is becoming increasingly common and our specialists understand the intricacies of making an opposition claim and defending such claims.
We deal professionally with Trademark Oppositions and Petitions for Cancellation in order to protect your Trademarks.


Trade Marks and Copyright Case Management:

Copyright is a right given by the law to creators of Literary, Dramatic, Musical and Artistic works and Producers of Cinematograph Films and Sound Recordings.  In fact, it is a bundle of rights including inter alia, Rights of Reproduction, Communication to the Public, Adaptation and Translation of the work.  There could be slight variations in the composition of the rights depending on the work.

Why Should Copyright Be Protected:

Copyright ensures certain minimum safeguards of the rights of authors over their creations, thereby protecting and rewarding creativity. Creativity being the keystone of progress, no civilized society can afford to ignore the basic requirement of encouraging the same.  Economic and Social development of a society is dependent on creativity.  The protection provided by Copyright to the efforts of Writers, Artists, Designer, Dramatists, Musicians, Architects and Producers of Sound Recording, Cinematograph films and Computer Software, creates an atmosphere conducive to creativity, which induces them to create more and motivates others to create.
We provide help to our clients to protect their Copyrights in Literary, Art works etc. by preparing, filing and obtaining registrations applications under Copyright Law Provisions.    We also provide opinion on contentions issue related to Copyright Laws and Preparing Notices and filing and defending Suits in regards to protection of Works of our Clients.


Design rules are the rights awarded to a New and Novel Design created by artists and applied to particular items apparent to naked eyes.  It is also pertinent and thus noteworthy that if an article is reproduced more than 50 then it is required to be protected under the Design Act, 2000.
We prepare and file application for registration of Design under the provisions of Design laws of India and obtain registration/s which is normally valid for 10 years and can be further extended to five more years (thus in total period for exercise of monopolistic rights over a design is 15 years).
We provide help to the client to act against piracy of Design belonging to our client and in case if a design has been registered wrongly by suppressing relevant and material facts before the Learned Controller Design, we prepare and file cancellation petition before Controller for the cancellation of such design.


We have team of experts who manage the litigations of our clients be it serving Cease & Desist Notices upon the unscrupulous user and Preparing and filing Suits Civil and/or Criminal in this regard and defend as well before the Hon’ble Courts.
We have filed and won several cases in High Court of Delhi as well as District courts of Delhi NCR and defended successfully the Marks of our clients in several courts

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